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Free 2022 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar Collection

Well, here we are… Like 2020, it seems 2021 wasn’t quite the year all of us were expecting. For many – probably all of us to one degree or another – it was a year of struggle, hardship and loss. But now its 2022! And with the New Year comes another 365 days for us each to make the most of, regardless of what comes our way. As has become our tradition, we’ve put together a collection of seven 2022 desktop wallpaper calendars to brighten up your computer in 2022. Whether you enjoy the pristine beauty of lighthouses on rugged shores, the thrill of unique and storied cars, the picturesque scenes of small town New England, or the bird’s-eye perspective of our fine art drone photography – we’re sure to have something to suite your tastes! And the best part – they’re all free to download and enjoy!

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”
– Jesus, Matthew 11:28, 29

We hope you enjoy our 2022 desktop wallpaper collection, and we wish each and every one of you a year of joy, accomplishment and (in a culture that is increasingly devoid of rest) a healthy portion of margin to slow down, relax and enjoy fellowship with the Lord, the fruits of your labor, and the warm comfort of friends and family.

A Note From the Armchair Pastor…

Could I slip on my armchair pastor’s hat for a moment? Did you know, that about a century ago, Henry Ford introduced two things that would revolutionize the way people worked for much of the 20th century? The 40-hour work week and the two-day weekend were both innovations for which, at least in part, we can thank Henry Ford.

Today, the idea of working just forty hours seems like a fairy tale – it’s almost laughable. I’ve made the habit of speaking with friends and colleagues over the last year and have discovered that, almost without exception, people are working 60+ hours a week. And since time is finite, that means 20+ hours that we need to borrow elsewhere – whether we sacrifice sleep, time with family and friends, church involvement, hobbies and leisure… it has to come from somewhere. And though our careers may thrive (or might not), long term, such sacrifices will take a significant tole on our relationships and our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

So, here’s my challenge – a challenge to myself as much as to anyone else: How can we budget and balance our time to prioritize the things that are most important? What steps do I need to take to ensure that my spiritual life, physical and emotional health, and the relationships I cherish are rightly prioritized in 2022? For starters, meditating on Jesus’ words (above) could be a big help. Romans 8:28 reminds all who have come to faith in Christ alone, that God works all things to our good. He’s got us. HE’S GOT US! And that can be tremendously freeing – knowing that through our success and our failures, through joys and heartaches, we don’t have to be in control, but can rest in his sovereign goodness.

To view this year’s collection, simply follow the links below. To download the wallpaper, just right click and download – it’s that easy – no strings attached! We’re so grateful for you all and wish you a warm and wonderful new year.

Full 2022 Calendar Gallery

2022 Amelia Island Desktop Wallpaper Calendar
2022 Beacons of Light Desktop Wallpaper Calendar
2022 Car Crazy Double Desktop Wallpaper Calendar
2022 Concours Guys Wallpaper Calendar
2022 Down East New England Desktop Wallpaper Calendar
2022 From Above Drone Desktop Wallpaper Calendar
2022 Southern Shores Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

We wish you all a joy-filled, bright and prosperous new year! 2022, don’t let us down! And in the event that there are still some bumpy roads ahead, if you’re looking for more beautiful distractions…er…umm… I mean pictures, consider checking out our full Fine Art Photography Section – you could spend hours there avoiding reality!

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