Up North – Fine Art Shoots from North of FL: Winter Wonderland on White Top Mountain, VA

So, I may have said that the previous post was may last post from our trip, but as I have come to learn, I’m not always right!  God surprised me with a wonderful treat our last day in Virginia and with the weather being rather frigid for much of us here in the US, I thought this post might at least bring some beauty to the otherwise dreary weather.

2014 01 Fine White Top VA 01 - Snowcapped in the Distance

As we were winding up our trip, one last little snowfall came to Virginia.  In the hills of Abingdon it was a light dusting, but as I set out with family that morning, I went over a rise (above) and saw that Mt. Rogers and White Top Mountain were both covered in a layer of snow that looked so light and fluffy that it could be mistaken for a cloud.  Later that afternoon, my eldest daughter and I braved the roads, ascending the western slope of White Top.  At about 3,500 feet, the sparse snow gave way to an amazing winter wonderland – with trees absolutely covered in a delicate coating of white.  And as we climbed, it just kept getting better!  Prudence had me turn around before attempting the final mile of dirt road up to the summit, but there was an array of beauty to be had as we descended – such as the image below.  Toward the bottom of the mountain, with the sun setting to our left, I found a few old buildings, covered with just a hint of snow – a perfect way to end our winter adventure.

2014 01 Fine White Top VA 05 - Snowy Tree Canopy

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