Up North – Fine Art Shoots from North of FL: A Snowy Coastal New Hampshire

2013 12 Fine NH Winter 20 - Strawberry Banke North Church Snow

Here’s the second post from our adventures this winter.  Today’s post is mostly from a shoot last week, just after Christmas.  As the snow began to fall, I hopped in our trusty Honda and began to work my way toward the New Hampshire seacoast to capture some of my favorite spots (like Strawberry Banke – above) as the snow was falling.  I also explored a bit and managed to find some new spots that I’ll undoubtedly return to over the years.  There is something so mystical about falling snow – the slowly falling snowflakes flitting about as they tumble to the ground – its such a magical time to photograph!

2013 12 Fine NH Winter 19 - Portsmouth Lobster Boats Snow

These photos are all 1920 x 1080P HD wallpaper, designed to work perfectly with your widescreen computer, TV or other displays.  As always, please feel free to download – and if you enjoy our photos, please share this blog with your friends and help us get the word out!

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  1. jinkybrown says:

    Beautiful photos!

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