Tuscan Inspiration with Dostie Homes

If you live in Northeast Florida, you know Friday was one of those all-day dreary sort of rainy days.  Thursday also happened to be the day we had scheduled to shoot Dostie Home’s latest project in Palencia, just outside of St Augustine proper.  We usually like to schedule backup days for just such weather situations, but due to the fact that the homeowners were moving in that night, we weren’t able to.  So, we made the call to give it a try – a decision I was seriously questioning as I sat for 45 minutes in rain-slowed traffic on a 4 mile stretch of 9A.

But as you can see from the photos, the weather actually worked out quite well.  The nice thing about overcast skies is that they act like a 10,000 foot diffuser, which helps to balance both interior and exterior lighting.  Of course, getting the pretty sky photos may be out of the question, but you can still get some really unique shots.  And this home certainly made my job easy!  It was filled with great design elements, as well as classy upgrades and a gorgeous square-accented bathroom.  Plus, the manufactured stone on the fireplace (which I love) is the same as you’ll find if dining at Seasons 52.  Check out all our favorite shots from the shoot below:

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