Tropical Storm Beryl – Part 2: The Morning After

Unless I am severely mistaken, we made it through the storm in one piece.  This morning, I took to the roads before sunrise to see what Beryl had left us.  All in all, it was better than I expected with lots of little debris in the road, but only a few trees down.  Tragically, a port-a-potty was not so lucky – having it’s roof ripped off sometime in the night…  But despite the relative tranquility, I still managed to take a few photos here and there.

Here are the rest of the photos – including a reminder that not everyone has Memorial Day off, and a little reptilian friend I found on my journeys this morning. And lest I forget – it is with a somber heart that we at Deremer Studios remember all those who have given that last full measure of devotion to protect what we hold dear.  You are not forgotten!  Enjoy!

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  1. Love the little turtle!

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