To the Tower! Dostie’s Hemingway-Inspired Model Home

The Luxury of a Dostie Tower Home

Deremer Studios Jacksonville Achitectural Photography

One of the recurring themes in many Dostie Homes is the prominent addition of a grand tower to the facade.  These tower homes offer a unique yet somehow traditional look, reminiscent of the the Victorian-era summer homes I would pass in my youth, lining the rocky coast of New Hampshire.   This particular tower home, located in Nocatee, offers all the charm of a traditional facade, while offering a modern, open floor plan, lots of storage, and even a stunning, raised-ceiling tower lounge (below).   The model home is open most days, and offers some great design concepts that you can take with you into your own home.  Be sure to check out our gallery for some great ideas for kids bedrooms that this wonderful tower home has to offer.

Deremer Studios Jacksonville Achitectural Photography

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The luxury of a Dostie tower home.

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