The Wonderful World of White Oak

We recently had the opportunity to shoot another event with our friends at the enchanted White Oak Conservation Center.  Hidden away on the dirt roads of North Florida, located along the meandering St Marys River, this great location has a collection of mostly African endangered and threatened species.  From rhinos and cheetahs to giraffe and zebra – this open plan conservation center makes you feel half a world away.

This time, our group had the pleasure of seeing many of the species White Oak houses, fed the giraffe, and even interacted with a few of the young cheetahs.  Certainly a memorable experience!  The outing concluded with a great tour of the Big Game Room – filled with amazing artifacts from history, both ancient and modern – and was capped by a gourmet dinner in the Great Hall.  Young and not so young alike had some fun at the vintage bowling alley, antique pool tables and all the other wonderful amenities found at White Oak.  Below are some of our favorite photos – enjoy!

All the photos can be downloaded for free as HD desktop wallpaper.  Simply click on a photo below, click on the permalink (bottom right), save the HD wallpaper by right clicking the “1280×720″ link, and selecting save as.

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  1. Some of your shots are truly beautiful! Thank you very much for stopping by, and please feel free to come back!

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