The Haiti Chronicles – Part 1: Departure

Above: A rugged portrait of Port au Prince.

Over the next week or so, I wanted to share with you all a special opportunity I recently had to visit Haiti on behalf of Reach Global.  Now, this wasn’t your traditional mission trip – but rather an opportunity to spend a week among the people of Haiti as well as those investing their very lives into this vibrant, complex and struggling people.  Together with videographer Chris Yarborough and Reach Global Latin America’s communications guru, Melissa Putney, we chronicled the lives of both missionaries and Haitians.

I thought it would be best to unfold this series as it unfolded to me.  Though it is rather cliche, it is true to say that photos do not do the experience of seeing Haiti for the first time justice.  The sights, sounds and aromas of this nation were almost alien to this suburban photographer.  I hope through these next several entries you too will be touched by the beauty, heartache, love and desperate need that represents the people of Haiti.

Below are a collection of photos from our whirlwind team meeting in Miami.  In total, four teams traveled to various portions of Latin America and the Caribbean (Haiti, Brazil, Mexico and Columbia).  You can see the whole team above – I thought it would be unique to pose us in front of the approach for Miami International Airport, as we were all about to hop on our respective flights early the next morning.

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