A Parade of Sails

Photos from the 2019 Sail Portsmouth Parade of Sails

Sail Portsmouth - Parade of Sails - USCG Eagle

Few things are more American than a parade – and the Parade of Sails, kicking off the 2019 Sail Portsmouth Tall Ship Festival was no exception. Here’s a sampling of our collection of photos from the event. View the full gallery by clicking the link at the bottom of the post.

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Freebie HD Wallpaper – New England Winter Part 3: Fog

Welcome to part 3 of our New England adventure.  Today’s theme is fog – and there was lots of it during this predawn shoot.  You don’t normally associate fog with winter, but a few times a season, you’ll find the perfect conditions for fog along the banks of the Piscatiqua.  This day was no exception – it was the coldest day of the season and the resulting difference in the temperature of the open water as compared to the air produced this frigid fog over the river.  It sure made for some pretty unique photography conditions – and with the 15kt wind and 5F temperatures, it also reminded me of the value of gloves (which I neglected to bring).

The photo above was not taken on Halloween, is not from Europe, and does not depict a castle.  Shocking, I know.  In fact, this is the old prison located on the eastern tip of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  Known in its time as the “Alcatraz of the East”, this turn of the century prison housed a wide variety of military prisoners (including U-boat crews) until it was decommissioned in 1974.   You can read more about this fascinating structure here.

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you may recognize the lighthouse above.  This is Whaleback Light – a granite block lighthouse constructed in 1829.  About three years ago, I took a similar sunrise trip to this location under very similar conditions, and took a series of photos as the sun rose over the fog bank.  That photo is one of two that National Geographic selected for their prestigious stock photography site. We’ll see how these do!  Of course, there’s a nice selection of all my favorite shots from this shoot below.  Enjoy!

TO DOWNLOAD PHOTOS: simply click on the photo you like from the gallery below.  On the bottom right, click permalink.  Right above the photo is a link to the full resolution image (1280×720 is usually what it says).  Simply right click that link and save it to your preferred folder.

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Did you know we also offer a wide selection of fine art panoramas?  Today, I’ve selected some of my favorites from the past several years for your enjoyment.  Prints of these photos are available to purchase in a variety of sizes from Deremer Studios Panorama.

I grew up in New Hampshire, so the rugged beauty of the area has always drawn me.  Though it doesn’t have the expanse of beaches, dramatic thunderstorms, or lazy palm trees, the beauty of this region is truly stunning.  From the 400 years of architectural history (including the oldest brick house in New England), to the rolling hills and still mountain lakes, the region is truly stunning.

As a courtesy to our commercial and individual clients, Deremer Studios shoots a selection of our ultra-high resolution panoramas at almost every setting – providing a truly unique perspective on the shoot.  For our wedding clients, we typically shoot 2 to 4 of these panoramas.   Because these images are so large, you can even blow them up to mural size without loss of quality.  In fact, we have a 8ft panorama of downtown Jacksonville hanging right in our office!

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