Hurricane Dorian – A Beautiful Fury

Fine Art Photographs of Hurricane Dorian’s Glancing Impact on Florida’s First Coast

Hurricane Dorian - Jacksonville Beach Pier Waves

I don’t have to tell you, Hurricanes are a fierce force of nature – and Hurricane Dorian has proven to be one of the fiercest Atlantic storms since records began. The utter destruction and climbing death toll left in the wake of the storm’s lingering 185mph sustained winds over the Bahamas is just starting to be known, and our heart goes out to those on the islands, and the countless families awaiting news about their loved ones. Yet despite all of the horror, there is even in such darkness a beauty in the storm – an eerie, sober sort of melancholy beauty – but beauty all the same.

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Amy & Jedediah’s Vibrant Beach Wedding!

One step closer to catching up…  This is a great wedding Bryn had the opportunity to shoot a few weeks back.  Though we never managed to put two and two together, Bryn discovered when she got to the wedding that Amy was actually one of our daughter’s teachers in an Awana program at a local church.  Small world!

The couple has a wonderful wedding right out on the beach with some stunning skies as the backdrop.  Another great highlight of their wedding was all the creative little elements they used to make the wedding especially their own – like the surf-board guestbook and hand print ring shot!  Check out all our favorite photos from the wedding below!

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