Partner Spotlight: Southeastern Grocers (SEG)

Part 1 in our blog series honoring the unique, inspiring and often incredible work of our clients.

What’s a photographer to do when shoots are few and far between, with the whole world pushing one of the biggest pause buttons in history? In an effort to come alongside our wonderful clients, many of whom are in the same boat as we are, we’re kicking off this series to share some of our favorite memories and the often extraordinary work of our clients. So, who should we spotlight first? We’ve worked with so many great companies, but Southeastern Grocers (SEG) seems the perfect pick, given their work on the front lines of this pandemic – normal men and women elevated by this crisis to the rightful place of brave heroes.

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A Week in the Life of a Vegetable: Locally Sourced with Southeastern Grocers

Getting to the Roots of Southeastern Grocers’ Locally Sourced Produce

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While heat and humidity are not my cup of tea, the warm weather and long days of summer mark prime growing season for locally sourced southern crops.  So, what better time to spend a week touring family-owned farms that provide Southeastern Grocers (BI-LO, Harveys and Winn-Dixie) with fresh, locally sourced produce at prime ripeness.   To add to the excitement, award-winning chef Curtis Stone – a longtime advocate for locally sourced, in-season produce – accompanied the group, along with produce associates from around the company, to learn more about the art of growing produce.  From a squash and zucchini farm in the foothills of South Carolina, to pepper and cucumber farms and a peach orchard in central Georgia – we had a grand time photographing this unique tour for the good folks of Southeastern Grocers!

Deremer Studios Jacksonville Commercial Photography -

Despite the sweltering summer heat, it was a true pleasure to spend the week with the fine men and women who work so hard to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to our tables.  It was immensely informative and a grand ol’ time.  Of course, having a Corvette for the week courtesy of Avis didn’t hurt either…  But more on that soon!

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A Week in the Life of a Vegetable: Locally Sourced with Southeastern Grocers

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