Summer Dreams – Visiting The Isles of Shoals

Exploring the Craggy and Historic Sentinels of the New Hampshire Coast

A Summer Visit to New England's Isles of Shoals
A Summer Visit to New England's Isles of Shoals

Every once in a while, if the conditions are just right, we’ll get a summer’s day here in Florida that reminds me of my beloved New Hampshire childhood. Today is just such a day, with unseasonably low humidity, azure blue skies, the chirping of songbirds and a gentle breeze that transports me back to a lazy summer day in New England. It was on just such a day that Bryn and I visited the Isles of Shoals for the first time back in July of 2017.

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Freebie HD Wallpaper – New England Winter Part 2: Coastal NH

Here’s part 2 from our New England fine art excursion.  Today’s theme is Coastal New Hampshire.  On this shoot, I spent a few hours along the coast of Rye and New Castle, as the sun set and the stars begun to shine.

The photo above is of Rye Harbor – a tiny little natural harbor that hosts a tight-knit community, made up mostly of lobstermen.  As the sun set between a few layers of thin winter clouds, it would peek through with vibrant beams that tinted the entire scene.

The seawall at the end of Rye Harbor provided a great natural frame for the Isles of Shoals, located 8 miles off the coast of NH. The photo above is of Star Island.  On its rocky shores you can see the Oceanic Hotel, one of only a few remaining great resorts from the Victorian Era, as well as Gosport Church and a monument to Pastor John Tucke.

As day gave way to night, I traveled a bit further up the coast to New Castle, NH – a small town located on a collection of rocky islands along the south bank of the Piscatiqua River.  The photo below features Whaleback Light – one of my favorite subjects in the area.  Though the moon was out, the clear skies and low humidity allowed me  to capture a generous collection of stars to the east.

Enjoy the photos!

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