A Very Autumn New England Winter – With a Side of Snow

New England Winter at its Awkwardest!

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

If you’ve been following the news at all, you probably know that this winter has been a bit… well… mild in New England.  In fact this year’s New England winter had been downright non-existent, with early autumn temperatures visiting us as late as the last week of December.  In fact, when we arrived in New Hampshire for our annual winter visit, the weather was so warm that we were out building a stick fort with the kids in shorts an t-shirts.  Though fun, it wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for. But, on the bright side, the unseasonably warm New England winter did have some advantages – for example, not suffering from frostbite on a pre-dawn Nubble Light shoot (above).  Plus, it has been years and years since I’d built a stick fort, so that was a nice walk down memory lane to share with the kids.

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

However, at long last, the jet stream dipped and a cold front came through, bringing that long-awaited first snow just before the New Year.  In Greenland, NH, about 5 miles from the ocean, we got about 6 inches of sometimes fluffy, sometimes wet snow.  Just enough for constructing our annual snow fort with the kids.  On our final day in New England, as we were packing for the long drive south, the sun had finally come out and with it, a beautiful sunburst shining through the dripping, misty trees.  The photo above is from just outside our door, with the Winnicut River slowly flowing along its banks as the night’s ice slowly melted.  Of course, this New England winter is far from over,  but if December was any indication of what is to come, perhaps this New England winter will be a bit more tolerable than the unceasing snows of the previous winter season.

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A Very Autumn New England Winter – With a Side of Snow

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Light in the House – Celebrating National Lighthouse Day!

You may have seen a post or two from us featuring lighthouses.  Suffice to say, we could be considered a bit obsessive about them.  So, when I discovered today was national lighthouse day, I couldn’t help but put together a collection of my favorite photos from the past several years.  Above is Portland Head Light in Portland, ME, and below is Peggy’s Cove Light, in Peggy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here are a few of my favorite shots.   Enjoy – and of course, feel free to download as a desktop wallpaper!

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Freebie HD Wallpaper – New England Winter Part 1: Nubble

We recently spent some time up in New England visiting family and doing fine art photography.  For the next several days, I’ll be uploading selections from our shoot – each day with a specific theme.

Today’s theme is Nubble Light, in York, ME.  The day of this shoot, the weather was pretty intense!  Though the temperatures were relatively mild for the winter months (about 40F), the wind was brutal – gusting up to 40kts or so pretty regularly.  But this combination of wind and big waves from a front that had just went through made for some great photo opportunities.  Here are a few of our favorites.  Enjoy!

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Did you know we also offer a wide selection of fine art panoramas?  Today, I’ve selected some of my favorites from the past several years for your enjoyment.  Prints of these photos are available to purchase in a variety of sizes from Deremer Studios Panorama.

I grew up in New Hampshire, so the rugged beauty of the area has always drawn me.  Though it doesn’t have the expanse of beaches, dramatic thunderstorms, or lazy palm trees, the beauty of this region is truly stunning.  From the 400 years of architectural history (including the oldest brick house in New England), to the rolling hills and still mountain lakes, the region is truly stunning.

As a courtesy to our commercial and individual clients, Deremer Studios shoots a selection of our ultra-high resolution panoramas at almost every setting – providing a truly unique perspective on the shoot.  For our wedding clients, we typically shoot 2 to 4 of these panoramas.   Because these images are so large, you can even blow them up to mural size without loss of quality.  In fact, we have a 8ft panorama of downtown Jacksonville hanging right in our office!

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