From the Earth to the Moon

Celebrating 50 Years Since Man First Stepped Foot on the Moon

On the afternoon of July 20, 1969 the whole world watched with rapturous anticipation as Apollo 11’s Lunar Module approached the surface of the moon. With bated breath, millions of people awaited 5 simple words that would mark the astronauts’ safe arrival; “Houston, the Eagle has landed”. As fuel supplies quickly dwindled and became dangerously low, Buzz Aldrin brought the Eagle to rest on the surface of the moon with a mere 40 seconds of fuel to spare.

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Full Moon Rising with the Canon 5DS – Field Test

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

We were out doing some evening work in the yard – attempting to dodge the Florida summer heat – and I happened to look east as the moon was rising above the trees.  The rather low, fluffy cumulus clouds, dissipating after a day of thunderstorms, were streaming past the moon as the drifted out to sea, the moons glow creating a colorful rainbow of colors as the clouds crossed the moon.  To the Western sky, Jupiter and Venus were glowing brightly as well – so, no surprise here – I went in, grabbed our new Canon 5DS, slapped on our 100-400 and our 1.4 extender, and started shooting.  I began with some freehand shots at higher ISOs with surprisingly decent results (you could clearly see the phase of the Venus), but later resorted to a tripod to capture some low ISO, high aperture images.  All in all, I was very impressed with the 5DS and here are three of my favorite images!

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Full Moon Rising with the Canon 5DS – Field Test

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Up North – Fine Art Shoots from North of Florida: Western Virginia

2013 12 Fine 04 Virginia Mountain Sunrise White Top

We recently had the pleasure of heading out on a few fine art excursions over the winter break.  Our trip began in western Virginia, near Bristol, TN – where I managed to get up in time for a gorgeous sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I recently added a 1.4x teleconverter to our equipment, which allowed me to get up close and personal with both the moon and the blinding sun as it rose over the mountains.  By the time the sun crested the rise, it was far too bright to look at. My solution – I would aim slightly to the left, focus the camera, close my eyes, and then shift the camera right until I felt the sun on my eye.  It took a few tries, but I was able to get the shot I wanted without seeing spots for the next 6 hours…

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Mary and Karl’s Stunning Beach-side Ritz-Carlton Wedding

2013 10 Wedding Karl & Mary 18 Amelia Island

One more post before we’re off to a weekend of shooting!  Bryn had the joy of capturing this couple’s wonderful wedding and the baptism of their son – all out on the dusk-lit beach of the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.  The weather was perfect, and the heavens were literally aligned for a stunning ceremony – complete with a dusk moonrise over the couple’s first dance!  What a great evening for a wedding!

Congrats Mary and Karl!  As always, check out all our favorite photos below!

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Photo of the Day: The Moon Deserves a Halo

1920 x 1280 DS Wallpaper 137 Moon Halo

This evening, I received a hot tip from our friends at ICY Pictures to look up (while outside).  This is what I found in the Florida Sky – a glowing moon, Jupiter nestled right next to it, and an ice halo that took up about a 1/3rd of the night sky.  Pretty amazing stuff!  Check out some of my other favorite starry night photos below!

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