A Country Christmas Part 1: The Holidays in Appalachia

You Don’t Always Get a Snowy Christmas in Appalachia

Over the Christmas break, we found our way to two of our favorite shooting areas, the southern mountains of Appalachia and the rugged seacoast of New England.  Over the course of our trip, we took several excursions to a variety of locations, some new to us and others old and familiar.  We began our photo adventure by exploring Continue reading

Ghislaine & Anthony’s Festive & Fun St Augustine Wedding!

2012 12 Anthony & Ghislaine 11

This was our last wedding before the New Year.  We’ve had a wonderful 2012 and are looking with anticipation to the many things in store for us in 2013.  And we hope you have an awesome 2013 as well!  So, for our last wedding of the year, we ventured down to St Augustine to photograph Anthony & Ghislaine’s gorgeous wedding and dinner reception (at Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine and Ninety-Five Cordova respectively).  This intimate gathering was perfectly set in the picturesque holiday-lit historic St Augustine, making for some great photo opportunities.

2012 12 Anthony & Ghislaine 10

Congrats Ghislaine & Anthony!  As always, check out all our favorite photos below!

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