Down East Road Trip – Mammoth Cave National Park

Exploring the largest cave system in the world and the park above it

This summer, we had the great privilege of escaping the sweltering Florida heat and spending five weeks on the road, photographing most of the national parks east of the Mississippi, as well as a half dozen or so other National Park Service monuments, memorials and battlefields along the way. Our first stop was Mammoth Cave National Park.

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A River Runs Through It – Cincinnati and the Mighty Ohio

Exploring the Ohio River Basin

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

It’s a good idea to be prepared for anything – like a delayed flight, or your car breaking down, or who knows what…  That’s why we always plan a buffer day in our business travel – allowing us to get in and settled with a day before our shoot.  It also affords us time to scout the area if needed, and then there’s the other reason we love to have an extra day – to explore and shoot fine art photography!  Such was the case when we headed to Cincinnati with one of our clients a few weeks back.  Thankfully, travel went great, and we had a whole day to explore Ohio.  Here’s a sampling of our favorite fine art shots from the trip!

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

Over the years, we haven’t spent much time in Ohio.  In fact, I think this was only my third time in the state – which, of course, is all the more reason to explore.  And explore we did – setting out from Cincinnati, exploring rural Ohio as the sun rose, setting off to the National Air Force Museum in Dayton, and then heading down to Portsmouth, OH, along the banks of the Ohio River.  From there, we chased the setting sun, traveling west along the shore, hopping back and forth between Ohio and Kentucky on our way back to Cincinnati.  It was a wonderful day of exploring a part of the country I haven’t really experienced before.  What surprised me the most?  Probably the Ohio River itself.  It was bigger than I expected, and with far fewer crossings than I would have thought.  It was tricky enough to get from one side to the other today – I can only imagine the barrier it was to commerce and travel 100 years ago!

As always, please feel free to download as many photos as you like – we have sized the photos to 1080P HD wallpaper, perfect for your desktop, laptop, tablet or TV – and if you enjoy our photos, please share this blog with your friends and help us get the word out!

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Summer Wanderings Part 6: Tennessee

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