The Rocket’s Red Glare

Celebrating America’s Independence with the Firework’s Bang

Fireworks on the Piscatiqua River - Portsmouth, NH

After a warm summer day filled with hot dogs and watermelon, parades and performances; Americans gather together en mass along lakeside beaches, municipal sports fields and picturesque river fronts in anxious anticipation of the booming barrage to come. As the last tendrils of daylight blend into the growing blue-black expanse of twilight, a single, solitary flare blazes a vertical trail into the sky, signaling the start of the fireworks display.

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Amelia Island Clothed in Holiday Splendor

2012 12 Amelia Island Christmas 13

Just this week, we had the opportunity to photograph up in Amelia Island.  This time, we were charged with photographing the quintessential holiday trappings that decorate the island this time of year.  And so, we visited Amelia Island Plantation, some of the old Victorian homes in the historic district, and spent our dusk at the end of Center Street.  For a guy that loves Christmas, this was a pretty sweet deal – made all the sweater because my wife and I shot this together, taking the TR6 (see Welcome back TR6), top down, to enjoy the warm December day!

2012 12 Amelia Island Christmas 14

As always, feel free to download one or all of these HD photos – sized perfectly to use as your desktop wallpaper!  Below are some of our favorite shots from the day – enjoy!

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