Eric & Kathryn’s Epic Winterbourne Wedding

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Superheros, cars, and comic relief – what better components to make an epic wedding (at least from this guy’s perspective…)!   A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of spending the morning with Eric and Kathryn on their very special wedding day.  From a simple and elegant ceremony at their church, to a laid-back and relaxing brunch reception (complete with bacon!) at the Winterbourne Inn, you couldn’t have asked for a better wedding – surrounded by friends and family, good laughs and sentimental memories alike.  Congrats Kathryn and Eric – here’s to a lifetime of love, joy and purpose!

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Eric & Kathryn’s Epic Winterbourne Wedding

Wedding Providers:
Wedding Location: Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church
Reception Location: Winterbourne Inn
Classic GTO Provided by: S&L Classics

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Building up Your Defenses – Property Armor Shoot

Last week, we had the pleasure of shooting Property Armor’s latest creation – the X90.  This versatile piece of hardware is designed to thoroughly protect a wide range of HVAC compressors (the outdoor part) from the increasing threat of copper thieves.  The best part – it is fully adjustable and assembles in just 90 seconds!

To highlight these unique features, we shot the unit on a white backdrop, taking photos as we assembled (shown above) and expanded the unit.   Then, in post production, I edited out all the shadows and imperfections, lined everything up nicely, and put it into the animated GIF you see above.

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What has 4 Wheels, a Silver Horse, and Costs 18 Million Dollars?

We recently received word that we’ll have the honor of shooting the 2012 Concours D’Elegance on behalf of the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.  Being an avid car guy, this is an exciting opportunity, made all the more exciting by the car they will be honoring – namely the Ferrari 250 GTO.  In 2010, one of these beauties went for £12 million at a rare car auction in London.

Got some spare change lying around?  Well perhaps you can pick up one of these – or one of the countless other stunning, rare autos that will be featured at the Concours this year.

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