Ferrari Mondiali, F1 Invade Daytona

Mega Gallery: Ferrari Mondiali Brings F1 and Much More for Historic Daytona Event

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What’s it sound like when a group of modern Ferrari Formula 1 cars go racing around Daytona for the first time?  Well, in a word… Amazing!  The banshee shriek of the high-revving Ferrari cars echoing through the infield as the cars fly down Daytona’s famous superstretch, was an experience for the senses.  Add to that, the historic significance of F1 cars taking to the high banking of Continue reading

Amelia Concours 2013: Shooting for McLaren

2013 03 Concours - McLaren Amelia 12

During the Concours weekend, we had the pleasure of providing coverage for not only The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, but also Top Gear (See our coverage here) and the subject of this post, McLaren.  If you follow the automotive world, you know McLaren made a big splash a few years ago with the unveiling of a brand new supercar, the MP4-12C.  McLaren has since launched 10 dealerships throughout key US markets and has quite a head of momentum going in this hard fought market.  And this is where McLaren, the 2013 Amelia Concours, and Deremer Studios intersect.

2013 03 Concours - McLaren Amelia 25

For 2013, McLaren ramped up their Amelia Concours presence with a static display and executive test drives both Friday and Saturday, as well as a large show display featuring the venerable McLaren F1 and the new Can-Am spec MP4-12C for Sunday.  The results, at least from my perspective, were rather fantastic.  The McLaren camp was swamped with onlookers and admirers each day, and as you can see from above photo, youngsters were overjoyed at the sight of these stunning cars.  It reminds me of my own love of the McLaren f1 when it came out during the early 90’s.

2013 03 Concours - McLaren Amelia 09

As a car guy, this shoot was an especially enjoyable time for me.  All in all, the Concours weekend was a stellar, memorable event!  I encourage you to check it out next year – you will not be disappointed!  As always, feel free to download any or all of the images for use as desktop wallpaper!  Enjoy!

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