Jekyll Island Glory: Fire in the Sky

A Spectacular “Fire in the Sky” Bookend Set of Dusk and Dawn Displays with a Side of Driftwood Astrophotography

Jekyll Island Fire in the Sky - Sunrise over calm waters

Late last week, we had the pleasure of spending a night along Georgia’s beautiful Golden Isles before photographing the Days Inn Jekyll Island to help them highlight their newly remodeled rooms. The evening happened to coincide with the Alpha Monocerotids meteor shower which promised to deliver up to 400 shooting starts per hour as the earth briefly passed through the debris field of this ancient comet. Add to that an absolutely stunning sunset and sunrise, and the night’s session certainly warranted our “Fire in the Sky” moniker. Here’s just a sampling of the over 100 fine art images we captured – but please feel free to visit our full collection from Jekyll Island here.

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Up North – Fine Art Shoots from North of FL: Fresh Snowfall at Dawn in NH

2013 12 Fine NH Winter Sunrise 14 - Whaleback Light at Sunrise

And now for the final post from New Hampshire.  After the great snowfall from the previous day, and with temperatures threatening to rise over the next several days, I new the following morning was my best opportunity to capture the freshly fallen snow around coastal New Hampshire.  So, I set my alarm for much earlier than I care to get up, managed to drag myself out of bed, and set out for New Castle Common – a favorite location to capture the sunrise.  I arrived about an hour before sunrise to capture all the deep predawn colors that are most vibrant well before sunrise.  The temperature was cold – about 15 degrees – but not quite cold enough for the dramatic ocean fog that appears when the temps are 10 or so degrees colder.

2013 12 Fine NH Winter Sunrise 10 - Whaleback Light at Dawn with Tugboat

As I waited for the sun to rise, I was treated to a great little show – with one of the famous Portsmouth tugs (above) heading out to help guide a large barge into the safety of the harbor and up the Piscatiqua River.  As the sunrise quickly approached, I chose my spot based on some research I had done the night before, fine tuned it a few feet as the first rays of light appeared just above the distant fog bank, and began to snap away, capturing images like you saw at the top of this post.  Once the sun rose out of frame, I headed toward Portsmouth to capture a few photos of the historic town in the early morning light.  The water there was glass-calm and made for some wonderful opportunities, like the one below.

2013 12 Fine NH Winter Sunrise 19 - Portsmouth NH Lobster Boat

These photos are all 1920 x 1080P HD wallpaper, designed to work perfectly with your widescreen computer, TV or other displays.  As always, please feel free to download – and if you enjoy our photos, please share this blog with your friends and help us get the word out!

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