Essence of Summer Part 4: Bridges and Birds

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Part Four from our Essence of Summer collection is a bit of a grab bag of photos that didn’t really fit into our other posts, but are images we thought you would enjoy all the same.  Above, is a photo of the new Memorial Bridge standing sentry across the then placid Piscatiqua River between Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME.  Below is one of my all time favorite wildlife photos.  The day after the above photo, we went out to Four Tree Island again to shoot the El Galeon, but stumbled upon a flock of migratory arctic turns dive-bombing their prey along the shores of the island.  It was truly amazing to watch these birds hover, shoot into the water, and rise up, taking to the air with their meal expertly held in their beaks.

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Essence of Summer Part 4: Bridges and Birds

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