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2013 07 Fine Art Mid Atlantic 25 Air and Space Annex

It’s now been exactly a month since we visited the Air and Space Annex in Dulles, VA, on our way home from New England.  This was our first visit to the annex, and I must say, it was impressive.  Unlike the main museum, the annex is spacious and wide open, with not just small aircraft, but very large examples of aviation milestones.  From the Enola Gay – (the B-29 that dropped the world’s first atomic bomb in combat – shown below, to the Dash-80 (the prototype for the Boeing 707 which introduced the jet engine to commercial flight), you could walk around and on the catwalks above the aircraft to see them from virtually any perspective.

2013 07 Fine Art Mid Atlantic 21 Air and Space Annex

We visited the Annex after spending a few last hours at Gettysburg and the contrast between that battle and the impact of just one aircraft, the Enola Gay, was sobering.  In 1863, it took three days, 170,000 men and an unimaginable number of mini balls and artillery shells to kill less than 10,000.  82 years later, it took one aircraft, with one bomb, just a few seconds to kill an estimated 50,000 people.  What a stunning change in less than a century.

2013 07 Fine Art Mid Atlantic 29 Air and Space Annex

On a more uplifting note, we can make another comparison with the space program.  in 1903, powered flight had yet to be achieved, most people were living on farms and the primary mode of transportation involved horses.  But in just 66 years, we had safely and successfully put men on the moon!  The 20th century, both good and bad, was an amazing time of innovation and progress.

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Freebie HD Wallpaper – Washington & The Smithsonian!

Well, all good things must come to an end.  Unfortunately, that’s true for fine art photo adventures as well.  On our way back from our time in New England, we took a half day to do a whirlwind tour of DC.  In the 5 hours we were there, we visited the Capitol, Civil War Memorial, Air and Space Museum, and the Museum of Natural History.   Here’s a selection of our favorite photos from the trip!

Above is a photo of some bird (I have a really good memory).  Despite being perched on a branch, it is actually no longer living.  To the right is a really cool piece of history for a guy that loves both photography and aviation.  This is the actual camera used to photograph the Wright Brothers’ first flight.  All those famous pictures you’ve seen of those first flights were taken with this very camera!  Pretty cool stuff.

Below is one more photo from the session.  In focus is the legendary Bell X-1, the first aircraft to exceed the speed of sound (in level flight) way back in 1950.  In the foreground is the North American X-15, This plane still holds the record for the fastest speed ever reached by a manned rocket-powered aircraft.  Enjoy the photos!

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