Summer Wanderings Part 4: Vermont

A Heaping Slice of Americana in Southern Vermont

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

Welcome to Part 4 of our summer series – featuring our last New England state of the summer, Vermont!  One of our favorite things about these summer trips is the chance to see family and friends while on the road.  Every other year, my dad’s side of the family gets together for a good ol’ fashioned reunion and this time, we found ourselves in the little valley town of Dover, Vermont.  As providence would have it, the weekend of our retreat was also the date of the Vermont Blueberry Festival in the small towns of Deerfield Valley – including… you guessed it, Dover.  Complete with all the fixin’s you would expect from a small town festival, there was a parade (above), craft show, blueberry pancake breakfast, and a myriad of other festivities that absolutely screamed Americana!

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

The parade was truly a treat.  I admittedly went to the parade with little desire, but the combination of antique cars and an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, quickly warmed me up.  One thing that really took me back was the drum and fife corps – there were several from around New England, and I could have almost believed I was eight again, sitting along Post Road as I watched the bands go by during our town’s annual Summerfest.  All in all, our time in New England was a wonderful opportunity to take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy the many gifts God has given us – oh, and to take a few thousand pictures…

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Summer Wanderings Part 4: Vermont

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