Something New: Full Spherical Panoramas!

A DAY 06 R0010163 Submitted D9

We recently received a special and unexpected package in the mail from the folks at Ricoh.  Inside was a great little camera called the THETA.   What makes this camera so unique is that it takes a fully spherical image with one exposure – meaning no odd stitching or motion issues that you would find when shooting more traditional panoramas.  This opens up a whole world of photographic opportunities.  How did this camera find its way onto my doorstep you ask – well, earlier this year I got wind that Ricoh was giving away 360 of these cameras as part of a competition hosted by CNN.  So, I entered the contest, promptly forgot about it, then found the package on my stoop about a month later!  Above, you’ll see one of the photos I polarized into a circle.  This isn’t the native way of viewing the files – there is also a great app that allows you to browse through the full spherical image as it was shot.   While experimenting with this great camera, I also had our professional cameras with us and snapped a few images of the camera at work.  It’s really an ingenious piece of kit and I’ve really enjoyed it.  Be sure to check out all the photos in the gallery below:

2014 05 Fine Art - Ricoh Theta 04

Check out all the fun in the galley below!   As always, please feel free to download – and if you enjoy our photos, please share this blog with your friends and help us get the word out!

TO DOWNLOAD PHOTOS: simply click on the photo you like from the gallery.  Once opened, click “view full resolution”, located on the bottom right part of the screen.  Once the full resolution image loads, simply right click and select “Save As” to save it to your computer.

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