Photo of the Day: When Polar Streaks

2012 12 Polar Streak 01

This evening, while coming home from a shoot, I stopped to get some gas at the Beach Blvd. Sam’s Club here in Jacksonville.  As I looked back to the west, I was struck by this amazing cloud formation, lit up like a blazing fire.  Needless to say, I speedily finished filling up, drove to another part of the parking lot, and started snapping away.  The above is the result from a shot with my 70-200 2.8 lens.  Rumor has it, this odd cloud is what you call a polar streak and is caused by the formation of ice crystals at around 30,000 feet along a polar front line.  Anyway – I thought you all would enjoy!

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  1. John says:

    Amazing, it looks as though it’s just under a cap or topping.

    • I was trying to figure out the same thing – the darker cloud must be lower as they are not reflecting the sunset and aren’t white either, but it really looks like they are behind the cloud. Odd stuff!

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