Photo of the Day – Ships Crossing in the Night…errr, I Mean Day

With Hurricane Sandy off our coast, Jacksonville had an unexpected visitor (well, 1900 of them t be exact).  The cruise ship you see in the background took a detour en route from Newark to Ft Lauderdale due to the high seas and intense winds produced by Sandy.  Being a one cruise ship town, this was big news.  So today, when we were going over the Dames Point bridge and we saw the Carnival ship going out, I traded seats with Bryn and started snapping away as we did a few passes over the bridge.  The above photo is my favorite – an extremely rare site of not one, but two cruise liners in the St Johns River at one time.  Below are a few more or my favorite St Johns River photos from years past!  As always, feel free to share, download and enjoy!

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