Nova Scotia Autumn Memories

An Autumn Stroll Among Long-Forgotten Nova Scotia Photos

Nova Scotia in Autumn - Hall's Harbour

Sometimes, a trip down the rabbit hole can be a rewarding experience. What began as a search through our archives for lighthouse panoramas to round out our collection became a discovery of unedited images, including over 100 yet-to-be stitched panoramas, from a very special trip to Nova Scotia back in 2011. With Hurricane Dorian bearing down on the province today with 100mph winds, our hearts go out and our prayers go up to the good people of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia in Autumn - lakeside

Almost twenty years ago, Bryn and I visited Nova Scotia for our honeymoon, and as a special surprise after the birth of our youngest child, I planned a return trip to the maritime province for just the two of us. With the trip sandwiched into a busy fall for Deremer Studios, there wasn’t much time to edit most of the thousand-fold collection of photos from the trip, and before long, like many of our fine art shoots, they were lost on the ‘when I have time’ pile. So, it was quite the treat to discover the collection this week, as sweet memories from our adventure in Nova Scotia flooded back.

Nova Scotia in Autumn - Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
Nova Scotia in Autumn - Peggy's Cove

Though I did edit and publish a small collection of photos shortly after the trip, I had a stockpile of panorama images waiting to be stitched and edited. We were among the first to specialize in digital panoramas, back when digital photography itself was a relatively new presence on the professional photography scene. Unlike the simple swipe of the phone or press of a button today, stitching panoramas began as a tedious and time-consuming undertaking. Even by the time of our Nova Scotia trip, tools such as the aptly named Arcsoft Panorama Maker had been developed, cutting editing time in half and allowing for stitching of images that had once been impossible. Yet even still, a pile of 100 panoramas would have taken a minimum of 50 hours to stitch, correct in Photoshop, and edit. Today, with the increase in AI and the new addition of batch stitching in Adobe Lightroom, it took less than an hour to stitch all the images – most of which stitched seamlessly – and another several hours to edit them to the final product. But that’s enough about how the sausage is made – onto the trip!

Nova Scotia in Autumn - Bay of Fundy
Nova Scotia in Autumn - Lunenburg

Though the trip was relatively short, we had the opportunity to explore much of southern Nova Scotia – stopping at scenic Lighthouses, picturesque ocean-side villages, and bucolic scenes of autumn beauty all along the way. We stayed at the same bed and breakfast we honeymooned in a decade before – Bayview Pines Country Inn outside of Mahone Bay. From here, we ventured out on day trip to the likes of Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, and the Bay of Fundy. Because of the bay’s funnel shape, it boasts the second-highest tides in the world at 53 feet. Because of the dramatic shift, you can literally see the tide come in as it rushes up rivers in a fast-moving tidal bore. Hall’s Harbour is another place where the extreme tides of the bay are clearly noticeable, with boats that were floating in 20 feet of water twice-daily sit on the muddy basin of the narrow harbor.

Nova Scotia in Autumn - Tidal Bore
Nova Scotia in Autumn - Hall's Harbour

Of course, there are many more memories from our trip to Nova Scotia – and many more photos to boot. Feel free to browse the full gallery of nearly 200 images to see a glimpse of the beauty and majesty of Nova Scotia in autumn.

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