Mr. Rogers Presents: How to Make a Tube – Featuring Hanson Pressure Pipe

When I was a kid, my very favorite part of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was the small segments that featured the making of anything from crayons to musical instruments.   To be completely honest, I still love those kind of shows.  There’s just something about seeing all the machines whirling and people working to create a final product that really appeals to me.

Well, this week I had the opportunity to experience this firsthand.  Hanson Pressure Pipe hired us to go out a capture the production of a new type of piping they have developed.  And let me tell you, pressure pipe is pretty cool stuff!  It all starts with a metal spiral core that is spun on this massive machine that takes up a whole building.  The photo above is of a pipe segment being cut on this machine.  These pipes can be made in all sizes (they’ve made pipes up to 194 inches in diameter at this facility), though the ones we worked with were a bit smaller.

Then, the pipe goes through a series of process by which the inside is coated with a layer of cement and spun (above) at an insane speed to ensure uniform coating.  From there it gets an exterior coat of wire and a second coating of cement – this time on the outside.  A few more steps, and walla, you have yourself a big ol’ pipe capable of handing hefty pressure loads.  From a roll of metal to a finished pipe takes about two days.  Of course, the whole process is much more complex than what I outlined, but it gives you the idea.  More detailed photos below!

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