Moon Over the Med – Dostie’s Latest Mediterranean Jewel

2014 10 Architecture - Dostie Hunterston 17 - Exterior

Last week, we had the pleasure of photographing two great Dostie homes in Jacksonville’s Glen Kernan neighborhood.  Here is part two of that shoot – a Florida-Mediterranean style home just a few doors down from the stunning brick home in the previous post.   Because of the orientation of this home, our shoot started just before dawn; the moon still visible among the pink-hued wisps in the pre-dawn sky.  As night gave way to day, we moved inside, where we were greeted by a stunning, curved foyer (below) that led into the spacious living room and kitchen.  Also of note is the massive 4-panel sliding glass door that completely blurs the lines between inside at outdoors.  Please feel free to peruse all the details of this wonderful home in the slideshow below!

2014 10 Architecture - Dostie Hunterston 15 - Front Entry

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Moon Over the Med – Dostie’s Latest Mediterranean Jewel

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