Merry Christmas from your Friends at Deremer Studios!

2014 12 Merry Christmas from Deremer Studios

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

Christmas has always held a special place in our hearts – from Nate’s memories of snowy New England Christmasses, filled with family and strawberry-topped waffles, and stockings and sledding in the back yard – to Bryn’s memories of Christmas in North Dakota and then in Florida – the windy snowdrifts contrasted by the sandy dunes – Christmas Eve services, and big family meals.

At the center of our Christmas traditions is the miraculous birth of Jesus, who willingly laid down his rights as God and took on the frail and broken form of humanity.  As we celebrate Christ’s birth – his taking on of human flesh – we remember, too, the reason for his coming – to seek and to save a people by his perfect life and sinless death.  He came to bring us hope – a certain hope that the frigid and bleak effects of the curse – it’s sorrows and sufferings – the brokenness we see in this world, and in our own hearts – will one day be no more.  In his incarnation, Christ inaugurated the coming of a kingdom without end – the promise of eternal, perfect joy and peace flowing from the presence of God among his ransomed people.   The invitation of Christmas is found at the foot of the cross – it is a call to lay down all our frustrations and struggles and sins at Christ’s feet – a call to trade in the overwhelming desires of life that will inevitably fail us, and instead embrace Christ’s gift of life – his gift of himself as our all-surpassing joy and worth.   This is the Christmas gift that beats out every other gift, even that gigantic die-cast Voltron I received that one Christmas…

And as we look to the New Year, we’ve compiled a small Christmas gift for you – a collection of our favorite Fine Art wallpaper from 2014 – a retrospective if you will.  Please feel free to download one or all!  The images are full HD images, 1080P, and perfect for your computer, tablet or television – and if you enjoy our photos, please follow us – and for extra bonus points, share this blog with your friends to help us get the word out!

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Merry Christmas from your Friends at Deremer Studios!

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