Memorial Bridge – Rediscovering a 90 Year Old Panorama

So, I’ve always been a big history fan.  Recently, this has manifested itself in a borderline obsession with the Memorial Bridge, in Portsmouth, NH.  In researching the building of the bridge at The Portsmouth Athenaeum’s website, I found a large archive of photos from the construction process (see the video I created below from 1920’s news reel and photos during the construction of the bridge).   But what really peaked my interest was a series of 6 photos, taken from the same vantage point (the top of the North Tower) and seeming to have been designed to be displayed together in a primitive sort of panorama.

And that got me wondering – would it be possible to stitch these 90 year old photos together into a modern panorama?  First, I tried our commercial stitching program, but due to slight differences in the images and limited overlap, it wasn’t coming together as I hoped.  So much for the easy way!  But by this point I was determined – and started to stitch the photos together manually using Photoshop.  After about an hour, I had a pretty presentable final product (above).

I still get a kick out of the idea that 90 year old images, taken with a comparatively rudimentary camera, were able to be turned into a modern panorama.  Pretty exciting stuff – Enjoy!

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  1. Adam Purple says:

    This is great stuff. Thanks, from a Portsmouth resident.

  2. Emily Marden says:

    I still think it’s amazing that the little girl who cut the ribbon in the video ended up being the Mayor for so many years and is scheduled to cut the ribbon again.

  3. Vickie L. Smith says:

    This is so wonderful, thank you for all of your hard & skillful work…The beauty of the old bridge and it’s place in the skyline of Portsmouth will be preserved now , someplace besides our memeory. the panorama is like looking through a portal into the past.

    • Thanks Vickie! Much of the footage was compiled by others who have an equal affection for that old bridge – I’m just glad I could contribute to the story. If you’re in Portsmouth, the old library has a special show this summer on the bridge – I’m looking forward to checking it out when we are up!

  4. jadenbru says:

    Absolutely stunning!! Thanks for your work, it is much appreciated. Very excited for the new bridge to open up!

  5. Paul Maes says:

    What a GREAT piece of work this video is!!!

  6. Hi, thanks for stopping by and liking my blog post. I’ve been enjoying exploring your site as well. Interesting panorama shot. Nice work with Photoshop!

    • Thanks! As a guy who inadvertently tried to land at an airport during an airshow (it was my first cross country many years ago) I loved your post on the F-16 and wandering into airspace. Good thing yours was just practice…

  7. Wiebke Rost says:

    Nice work! And thanks for following my blog! 🙂

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