Mediterranean Symmetry with Dostie’s Latest Home

Just last night, we had the pleasure of shooting another wonderful residence for our friends at Dostie Homes.   This one, located in Palencia, is a Mediterranean-inspired two level home with twin two car garages (very appealing to a guy like me!).  We photographed this house pre-furnishings, so you’ll clearly be able to see all the unique details and creative design that went into this home.

This home has some great extras, like outdoor kitchen, GE’s latest line of Cafe appliances, gorgeous views of the golf course, and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.  But for me, by far, my favorite extra was the corner sliding glass doors.  Not only do these doors complete disappear behind the wall when opened, but in the kitchen area, the doors are mounted at the corner, making a gigantic opening that really blends the two living spaces amazingly well.

Check out all our favorite shots from the shoot below:

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