Longing for Cooler Climes

A Reminder of Winter on This Hot Florida Day

We’ve hit a seasonal milestone here in Florida – one that is unique to photographers and glass-wearers that inevitably signals the coming of summer in Florida. This week, while on a shoot, I ventured from inside an air-conditioned Winn-Dixie to the outside, and instantly, my lens fogged up – a sign of the humidity and accompanying heat that comes with a Florida summer. Full disclosure, I do not care for Florida summers – and so for my fellow sufferers, here’s a sampling from our winter collection – a chilly reminder that this too shall pass…

Now, I know that some of our followers in the north are just now celebrating ice-out conditions on the lakes, and winter may still be a painful burr of a memory – and for you, I will no doubt withhold judgment. Winter indeed comes with its own set of trials and tribulations that are largely lost on us in the South – but there are pleasures too – like the adventure of skiing and snowmobiling, to the thrill of (responsibly) driving Fast and Furious style on a freshly dusted street. But enough with my philosophizing – if you share my seasonal angst, please feel free to check out our whole winter collection at our site!

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