From the Earth to the Moon

Celebrating 50 Years Since Man First Stepped Foot on the Moon

On the afternoon of July 20, 1969 the whole world watched with rapturous anticipation as Apollo 11’s Lunar Module approached the surface of the moon. With bated breath, millions of people awaited 5 simple words that would mark the astronauts’ safe arrival; “Houston, the Eagle has landed”. As fuel supplies quickly dwindled and became dangerously low, Buzz Aldrin brought the Eagle to rest on the surface of the moon with a mere 40 seconds of fuel to spare.

Some seven hours later, late into the night on the East Coast of America, families watched the grainy feed form 238,000 miles away, as Neil Armstrong emerged from the lunar module, bounced down the landing gear ladder, and became the first person in history to step foot on another celestial object. In so doing, NASA fulfilled the dreams of JFK and the hopes of a nation.

Blood Wolf Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 2018

Despite a claim we may have made on April Fools Day, we have not been to space, and have little hope of making it to the moon in our lifetime. But we do love the nights sky, the moon and all the amazing wonders that lie beyond the thin blue line of earth’s atmosphere. So, today, on such an important anniversary, we offer to you a gallery of our favorite celestial images from over the years. We hope you enjoy!

Full Isles of Shoals Gallery

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