Freebie! HD Desktop Wallpaper

To celebrate the launch of our new blog, we’re giving away a selection of full HD desktop wallpapers.  These backgrounds feature photos from two of our recent fine art trips – one to Virginia this Spring, and the other to New Hampshire and Maine this summer.  Feel free to download as many as you like and enjoy.

To download, simply click on the photo you like from the gallery below.  Right above the photo will be a link to the full resolution image.  Simply right click that link and save it to your photo folder.  With some internet browsers, you can even right click on the full resolution image and set it as your background right from there!

Copyright 2011 Deremer Studios – Jacksonville, FL
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  1. Jerry Lapriore says:

    Some nice GTO shots! But I was blown away by your Portsmouth pictures… I live there and see/saw those views every day. That bridge is 66% down

    I was also at Amelia with my Son Justin. Our GTO adventure was epic. I have some nice pics from the ferry ride to remember it by, but it was such an incredible gift of an adventure that it still feels like a dream.

    Nice Work

    Jerry Lapriore

    • Thanks Jerry! Yeah, I’m a Greenland native, but came down to FL to go to college and managed to stick somehow. Still hoping to move back to NH in the future. I miss the seasons and the cool summers! It’s sad to see the Memorial Bridge gone – I’ve got an old TR-6 up there and used to love driving over the bridge with the top down, the grating humming as it shifted the narrow tires to and fro. Hopefully the new bridge will do the old justice.

      Anyway, Did you bring a car down to the show, or come down to visit? There were some pretty amazing cars there this year. Take care!

    • BTW – I really enjoyed Justin’s video. Were you the guys in the VW Convertible?

      • Jerry says:

        No we weren’t in the convert. We had set up on the south bridge. We didn’t bring a car down but as a former Cobra owner (CSX 2485 & 2019) and long time GTO Lover I had to be there. We lived on the AI Plantation for 5 years and really grew to love the area and I convinced Justin to come on down and give me a hand getting around.

        Justin had a full page in the latest issue of Sports Car Market which makes me very proud.

        Bing me some time and I’ll share some of my pics with you (I have a lot of great 70’s Formula One also)

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