Fine Art Shoot: Barns, Barns, Some More Barns, and a Side of Snow

2013 11 Fine Art - Apalacha Hills of VA 05 - Old Barn

So, November and December were rather busy months for us – so much so that this series of shoots from around Thanksgiving is just now getting it’s day in the limelight.  As we were visiting western Virginia, I had the opportunity to go out on several shoots.  Though I photographed many of the same locations from day to day, the conditions couldn’t have been more different – and the results more diverse.  On the first day, (above) there was a gentle rain with low clouds and fog covering the farmland.  The above set of barns I have photographed before, but the American Flag painted on the side of the barn was a new addition that added that pop of color on an otherwise dreary day.

2013 11 Fine Art - Apalacha Hills of VA 22 - Snow Falling on Old Barn

Shoot two came as a cold front was dropping a few inches of snow along the mountains.  And so, I revisited a few of my favorite locations and then set out to explore some new ground.  I stumbled upon a group of feral Guinea Hens and a pair of wild turkeys, all living in some sort of weird family.  I drove a little further along the North Branch of the Holston River and found a rather scary walking bridge suspended over the 100 foot wide river, connecting the road with a small community on the other side – imagine that commute!  Check out all the fun in the galley below!

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  1. Some really terrific images! Really captures the real world earthiness of country but with a artistic flare that is not over the top or snobby. I like.

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