Fine Art Series – Travels North Part 11: Rutsic-topia

All good things must come to an end – at least that’s what they say.  Unfortunately, that’s the case with our Photography Grand Tour as well.  This is the final post in this series – featuring the wonderfully rustic world that is Appalachia.

Here, the past isn’t bull-dozed to make way for the next big thing, but rather it is left so many times to its own devices – allowing time and nature to slowly etch away at these buildings – removing their white-washed finishes and black-trimmed windows, and leaving bare, weathered wood that too will eventually give way to the earth around it.

Above is a photo we captured of White’s Mill, just outside of Abingdon, VA.  Though this fine old building has seen better days, this late 18th century structure has severed as a working mill for over 200 years, and still offers milling services for local farmers.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from this location, as well as Grayson Highlands State Park .   Enjoy – and of course, feel free to download as a desktop wallpaper!

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