Fine Art Series – Travels North Part 10: Mountain Bound!

This selection of photos is from the Virginia portion of our trip.  As is usually the custom when we visit western Virginia – I’ll get up for a sunrise shoot, winding along the back country roads in search of the perfect spot to catch the sun as it peeks over the ridge.  Above is what I stumbled upon this time – just outside the community of Chilhowie, VA.

Time Lapse video of clouds sweeping along White Top Mountain – 3 second interval.

While I absolutely love the rocky coasts of New England and the rustic charm of Central PA, One of my favorite places on this globe has to be White Top Mountain.  Every time we’re in Virginia, I take a solo trip up the mountain – driving up the windy gravel road to the beuatiful summit of this rock.  White Top boasts the only natural highland meadow in all of the South and usually provides breathtaking vistas of the valley below and row upon row of mountains beyond.  A thick but swift moving cloud layer is what I found this year!  Here are a few of my favorite shots.   Enjoy – and of course, feel free to download as a desktop wallpaper!

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  1. John says:

    Great shootin’ ! I see the trees and scrub are all blown in one direction up there eh… Great views.

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