Fine Art Follies – Thanksgiving in Appalachia

2013 06 Fine Art Virginia Thanksgiving 01

If you were wondering just how behind we have become, this post, consisting of photos from a fine art shoot in November, should prove evidence enough!  It was the week after this shoot that we discovered Bryn had breast cancer – and it has been a solid 6 months of business since then.  Thankfully, Bryn’s prognosis is good and we were able to handle a couple large surges in business even with Bryn going through chemo.  The months have been hard but fruitful – a blessing of sorts that we would never have asked for, but are thankful to have experienced.

2013 06 Fine Art Virginia Thanksgiving 11

But I digress.  A bit about the photos: We went up to Abingdon, Virgina just before Thanksgiving to spend some time with family.  As always, I take the opportunity of a trip to explore and shoot some fine art photography.  This time, I focused on the old and dilapidated remains or homes and barns in hill country around Abingdon.  One house that especially struck me was this once grand home, with full porch and substantial size, yet abandoned and falling in.  It makes you wonder why a home is just left and abandoned.  And this was just one of many homes along a short stretch of hilly back road suffering the same fate.  Later on, we took a trip to Bristol Speedway to drive the track and enjoy their massive Christmas light display.  Check out all our favorites from the trip below!

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  1. Liana says:

    wow, you must have delighted yourself with all that light and goodness…this is gorgeous

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