Falling for the Mountains – Foliage Fools Part 3

One last post from our time in the North Carolina mountains – this time featuring the awesome house we rented and our last day of fun, though rather overcast, photography.  Above is one of the last shots from the deck of our wonderful little home away from home.  The sun filtering through the variegated cloud layers cast some amazing highlights on the now-fading mountain foliage.  Blue skies are awesome, but some of my favorite autumn photography is during those rather dreary skies – especially those broken cloud layers that add so much interest to the scene.

Above is the dining area overlooking that awesome view outside.  I really can’t say enough about both the actual little house and its glorious views.  Below is a virtual tour of this unique octagonal home.

Disclaimer: the house pictured above is not an “after” photo of the house we stayed in.  To the best of my knowledge, its still intact.  This house, however, is not.  We found this little house when exploring a dirt road leading to an old Lutheran camp.  Best I can tell, the most recent materials are more than 50 years old, so its probably been slowing decaying for quite some time.  As always, feel free to share, download and enjoy!

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  1. Wow, beautiful fall foliage. I never get tired of seeing Autumn pictures, especially now since our foliage (Northern Vermont) has been gone for about a month!

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