Essence of Summer Part 5 – Barns and Bails

Deremer Studios Fine Art New England Photography

As we wrapped up our Essence of Summer tour, we began winding our way along the spine of the Appalachians, driving south from New Hampshire to Virginia, and then, finally, home to Florida.  In Virginia we stopped a few days to spend time with family, and I found a moment or two to once again explore the beautiful country surrounding Abingdon, VA.  On one shoot, I admittedly had some trouble finding the sort of special vignettes I was looking for.  As day gave way to night, and after several hours of exploring, I still hadn’t found much that peaked my interest – that was until the last moments of light set the sky ablaze and a providential turn down just one more road led me to the scene you see above (and in the gallery below).

Deremer Studios Fine Art New England Photography

Also on the trip, we went out to visit the Muster Grounds just south of Downtown Abingdon, VA.  This past weekend was the town’s Virginia Highlands Festival, and one of the neat offerings was a living history exhibit at the grounds, where a rag tag band of nearly 400 frontiersmen decided to take the battle to the British in 1780 – eventually resulting in the decisive victory over British Major Ferguson’s regulars at Kings Mountain on October 7, 1780.   We learned much about what life would have been like on the frontier and in revolutionary-era battles, and while I did wax just a bit nostalgic, I left feeling thankful I live in the 21st century.

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