When a Cloudy Sunset Turns Into a Good Thing

2014 09 Fine Art - Cloudy St Johns Sunset 04 - Sisters Creek Boa

It’s not often that I am thankful for thick clouds on the horizon as the sun is setting.  The typical results are muted colors, and a greyish sky.  But that wasn’t the case last night.  Providentially, we instead were able to capture other-worldly shots like the one above.  The large thunderhead that was looming on the horizon had just enough of a break along the southern side to allow a beam of pink light to hit the lower cumulus clouds to the south.  And so, for about 5 minutes I snapped furiously and just as quickly as it came, it was gone again.  What an amazing display of God’s creative wonders!

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When a Cloudy Sunset Turns Into a Good Thing

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