A Century in the Wild Blue Yonder: The National Museum of the US Air Force

A Long Walk Through 100+ Years of Air Force History

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Remember how we mentioned a visit to the National Museum of the United States Air Force back in our previous post?  Well, with all the hundreds of aircraft on display at the Air Force Museum, we thought it would be appropriate to give the museum its own post.  Way back in 1995 – when I still was still a high-schooler certain of my trajectory toward the Air Force Academy – we visited Dayton on our one and only great cross-country family vacation.  In fact, I have three hours of home video narrated by a voice-cracking, mumbling, monotone yours truly as proof of our trip – that, and about 200 photos (and that was in the days of film no less!).   So, when I discovered I’d be headed up to Ohio again for a shoot, I made plans for a nostalgic visit to the Air Force Museum.

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

While things here and there have changed (and expanded!), the waves of nostalgia still flooded over me as I rounded the corner to the parking lot.  I hadn’t even entered the exhibit halls yet – and I was already reminded of our trip some 20 years ago.  Once inside, the memories kept coming – and even a few surprises.  When I entered the second hanger, filled with aircraft from the Korean and Vietnam wars, I had remembered that they had a B-52 on display (a massive plane that goes to show you just how gigantic the hangers are), but I was stunned to see that it was a dead ringer for the B-52 model I had assembled in high school – down to the placement of the camouflage patches!  I had completely forgotten I had painted my model after this one!

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One other unique bit of history, though a new addition to the Air Force Museum, was a collection of a half dozen presidential aircraft – including everything prior to the current 747.  Best of all, you could tour four of the aircraft from nose to tail!  It was a great experience!

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