Car Crazy: 2012 Amelia Island Concours – Part 2

Yesterday, we finished up our coverage of the 17th Annual Concours D’Elegance on behalf of the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.  Sunday is the big day at the Concours – all those in the show (and there were a whole lot this year!) bring their cars out onto the 10th and 18th holes for everyone to see.  From turn of the century motorized wagons and early 20th century custom coaches, to concept Corvettes and one of the largest gatherings of Ferrari 250 GTO’s in recent history – this year’s Concours really had it all!

Pictured above is Mauro Forghieri, the head designer responsible for the stunning lines of the 250 GTO’s bodywork.  He was one of the judges for the event, and it was amazing standing nearby as he shared little details and stories about each of these cars.

Also on hand for the show was a collection of notable Road & Track cover cars including (above) this beautifully preserved Astro II Covette Concept from 1968.  But, this is the Concours, so why stop at one concept?  Also on hand was the 1990 Corvette CERV III concept.  A Corvette nut at an early age, I still remember drooling all over myself when I first saw photos of this car.

Another of the noteworthy cars from the event were the various Shelby Cobras.  The one pictured above – a 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe – is one of just six ever made. Below are all my favorite photos from Sunday.  Enjoy!

All the photos can be downloaded for free as HD desktop wallpaper.  Simply click on a photo below, click on the permalink (bottom right), save the HD wallpaper by right clicking the “1280×720″ link, and selecting save as.

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    Those are some fanatstic photographs you have. Loved it. I’ll keep checking your automotive section. Cheers!!

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