Autumn in the National Parks – In Panorama

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After 10 days of travel, 3,000 miles, 4,200 photos and over a month of editing, we’ve finally arrived at our last post from our Autumn in the National Parks Collection.  Over the course of our trip, we also photographed 142 ultra-high resolution panoramas – most in excess of 100 megapixels.  The national parks, with their wide open vistas and expansive views lend themselves perfectly to the medium of panorama – offering a unique perspective on the parks that better represents the true scale of the subject in a way that even the best conventional photos can seldom do.  So, without further adieu, here’s about 40 of our favorite Panoramas, offering a sort of summary of an amazing, breathtaking, glorious tour of our nation’s crown jewels!

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography - Out West

Here in Florida, without towering mountains, but replete with tall trees, it’s hard to get a panoramic sense of distance, yet out west the opposite is true, and vistas such as Bryce Canyon (top) and the Grand Tetons (above) lend themselves perfectly to the medium.  Below, I tried my hand at some panoramic astrophotography in Arches – that’s the aptly named Ham Rock in the foreground.  Over the last decade, stitching software has come a long way.  When we first got started, I stitched everything manually in Photoshop.  I took forever and the amount of airbrushing required to bring it to a professional level was rather tedious and slow.  But today, with the built-in panorama capabilities of Adobe Lightroom, I am able to stitch even wide angle images with ease, all while maintaining their raw characteristics.   There’s still some tweaking in Photoshop, but nothing like when we first got started.

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

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Autumn in the National Parks – In Panorama

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  1. kl says:

    Beautiful photos of the West. Thank you. We vacationed every year in the Rockies when I was growing up in western Nebraska, so I really enjoyed these wonderful pictures. The details are often surprising…caves and stars revealed.

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