Autumn in the National Parks – Bryce Canyon

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After our whirlwind tour of the Grand Tetons, we continued south to Salt Lake City, where we had a wonderful dinner with some old friends, before heading a few hours further down the road to Fillmore, UT.  On our 7th morning, we headed down to Bryce Canyon – about a two hour drive from our motel.  The morning started off quite overcast and threatened to rain, but as providence would have it, the weather held and the dappled clouds provided some great diffused lighting for shooting the unique landscape of the Canyon.  On our way in and out, we also passed though Red Rock Canyon (above), aptly named for the red sandstone cliffs lining the drive to Bryce.  There’s even a couple of tunnels hewed through the outcroppings – something I remember from my first trip out west as a teenager back in ’95.

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography - Out West

After enjoying some time with the top down as we drove through Red Rock Canyon, we arrived at the entrance to Bryce, took a look at the map, and headed out to the canyon.  Unfortunately, I apparently don’t know how to read a map, and after about 30 minutes of driving behind an unbearably slow procession of motorcycles and caravans, we realized that the main canyon was actually one of the first turnoffs, 15 miles back down the road…  Thankfully, there are some beautiful areas all along the route, so we weren’t in want of scenery, but after about an hour or so of exploring, we found our way back to the quintessential Bryce Canyon and began to explore.   With only about an hour and a half until we needed to begin driving to the Grand Canyon, we didn’t have quite as much time as we would have liked, but the time we did have was pretty awesome.  From a pot-bellied begging chipmunk, to a hike down the steep and winding Navajo Trail (I would highly recommend it), it was a ball!

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Autumn in the National Parks – Bryce Canyon

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