A Shelby Adventure

A Warm Afternoon with Four Genuine Shelby Legends

1966 Shelby Cobra 427 in Motion

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and if so, the legendary designs of Carroll Shelby are among the most admired of all time. Today, if you have the resources, you can buy yourself a near-perfect replica of both the Shelby Cobra and Shelby Mustang from a whole slew of companies. But the rare specimens I spent a few days with in late June are no modern-day knock-offs – they are the real McCoy – stunning specimens of the beauty and ingenuity of Shelby and his team.

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Amelia Concours 2013: Special Edition – The 1923 Locomobile

2013 10 Automotive 1923 Locomobile 03 Original

Ever since this year’s Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance, I’ve been wanting to feature this great old car – and well, I’ve finally found the time.  The car in question is an all-original 1923 Locomobile Model 48 Series VIII Sportif.  As you browse through the photos, you may wonder what stood out to me about this fading, weathered and rather bleak looking car.  The paint is faded, the seats are worn and ripped in places, and yet this 90 year old car is a survivor.  You see, the vast majority of the cars at the Concours are pristine – they have either been flawlessly restored or vacuum-sealed from the moment they left the production line or coach maker.  But this Locomobile is different.  Just one look, and you can see this car has a history – a story that encourages investigation.

2013 10 Automotive 1923 Locomobile 10 Original

And history it has.  Though over 90 years old, it has less that 25,000 original miles and on the RM auction block this spring, sold for $176,000.  To see more details about the vehicle’s history and some great staged photos of the car, feel free to visit the RM website. Want to see more coverage from the 2013 Concours?  Then visit the Concours section of our blog for a large collection of images from the weekend.

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