May the Fourth Be With You

Star Wars Amelia Island Style

A long time ago on an island not so far away, we had the great pleasure of putting together some Star Wars inspired images for our friends on Amelia Island. Here’s some of our favorites. Go to our May the Fourth blog Gallery to see and share them all!

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Shrimping on the High Seas

A Firsthand Account of Amelia Island’s Historic Shrimping Industry

Over the past decade, we’ve had the great pleasure of capturing the beautiful and diverse stories of Amelia Island, FL for their Visitor’s Bureau. Many of those stories I’ll never forget, and this month’s adventure is definitely one of those memories that will linger for years to come.

As it is with any fishing story, the adventure began at daybreak as we gathered on the northern tip of Amelia Island to meet up with Captain Wilson and his historic wooden shrimp boat, Three Cees’s. Though the coast to both our north and south was largely clouded over, we were treated to a stunning sunrise over the marshy interior of the island.

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The Art of Amelia

Fine Art Photography from the 2019 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

2019 Amelia Concours Fine Art Photography

It has been a supreme honor to be the official photographer of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance over the last several years – and something we hope to do for many years to come. Each year, we compile a talented team of automotive photographers to capture the spectacle that is the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance – and this year was no exception. The team did an exceptional job covering the event and we certainly could not do it without them.

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Big Talbot Island: Snails, Sunrise and Storms – Oh My!

A Wet and Wild Morning on Big Talbot Island

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

So…  Sometimes things don’t quite go as planned.  This morning, and old friend and I headed out to shoot some of the amazing driftwood on the northern coast of Big Talbot Island.  This great little chunk of shore just a stone’s throw from Amelia Island, provides a great location for some unique scenic photography – something that’s a bit different than the uninterrupted golden sands that line the majority of Florida’s coast.  Prior to leaving, I had checked Continue reading

A Night to Remember: A Vibrant Amelia Island Evening

Amelia Island Shows Her True Colors Yet Again

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

This weekend, Bryn and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary – and naturally, we thought, what better place to celebrate, than Amelia Island.  So, we grabbed the cameras (just in case), hopped in the car, and set off for a romantic dinner for two.  Needless to say, it was a good thing the cameras came along, as it seemed nature wanted to put on a rather grand show.  Even before we got to Amelia Island proper, we stopped just shy of the causeway that connects Big Talbot Island to Amelia Island, our interest piqued by birds that were relaxing in the broad, shallow pond along the edge of the Nassau Sound.  We were surprised to find not only a flock of spoonbills, but also the more elusive white pelicans.  Add to that ducks, egrets and other wading birds, and you had a veritable cornucopia of winged fauna.  Our birding appetite satisfied, we headed onto the island for dinner…

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

…But, as providence would have it, the thunderstorms off to the west of Amelia Island transitioned from grey and ominous clouds to a pastel collection of oranges, purples, reds and blues as the fleeting rays of the setting sun lit the storms’ anvils on fire.  It made for a truly stunning site, and one we just couldn’t pass up!  So, now on Amelia Island, we ventured out toward the marina and found a spot among the marsh grass to capture the last few moments of light.  Our impromptu photo shoot complete, we finally settled down for dinner at about 8:30 at the wonderful Cafe Karibo.

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

As it turns out, there was a theme to our night – namely shrimp.  The spoonbills we first encountered have wings tinted pink due to their diet of shrimp.  Likewise was the obvious connection between shrimp and shrimp boats, and finally, our delicious dinner of shrimp and grits from Cafe Karibo.   Hope I don’t turn any more pink…

As always, please feel free to download as many photos as you like – we have sized the photos to 1080P HD wallpaper, perfect for your desktop, laptop, tablet or TV – and if you enjoy our photos, please share this blog with your friends and help us get the word out!

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A Night to Remember: A Vibrant Amelia Island Evening

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