The Rocket’s Red Glare

Celebrating America’s Independence with the Firework’s Bang

Fireworks on the Piscatiqua River - Portsmouth, NH

After a warm summer day filled with hot dogs and watermelon, parades and performances; Americans gather together en mass along lakeside beaches, municipal sports fields and picturesque river fronts in anxious anticipation of the booming barrage to come. As the last tendrils of daylight blend into the growing blue-black expanse of twilight, a single, solitary flare blazes a vertical trail into the sky, signaling the start of the fireworks display.

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Red, White & Blue for You!

Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography

With the 4th of July Weekend well underway for many, we thought what better way to celebrate ‘Merica than by offering up a collection of free HD wallpaper, taken from some of our favorite red, white and blue themed shoots from all around our fair land.  From a classic barn in Maine, to bursting red and white fireworks along the shore of Florida – we hope you enjoy this collection of free HD wallpaper.  Be sure to download one, or grab them all!

As always, please feel free to download as many photos as you like – they are full HD images, 1080P, and perfect for your computer, tablet or television – and if you enjoy our photos, please follow us – and for extra bonus points, share this blog with your friends to help us get the word out!

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Red, White & Blue for You!

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