The Haiti Chronicles – Part 6: In Panorama

This is (most likely) my final post on Haiti.  Over the course of the week, I had the opportunity to photograph several panoramas, both in Port-au-Prince, and in the more rural Gressier.   Above is one panorama we captured of the beautiful sunset over the western mountains.  Being accustomed to some pretty amazing Florida sunsets, I really enjoyed the combination of mountain, sea and cloud that we experienced that night.

Above is the a photo from the overlook (well technically, the wall of the overlook), looking down toward the port for which Port-au-Prince derives its name.  To the right is the main road through town, and in the foreground are the bustling city streets and tent villages where people now live.

Lastly, is this panorama from Gressier – looking east a little before sunset.  All of the blue shelters you see here were built by Reach Global teams, with materials from Samaratin’s Purse.  The hillsides here are truly beautiful, with a mix of tropical vegetation, humble homesteads, and larger residences along the coast.  In the background, though obscured by haze, are the arid mountains of the northern peninsula.

As I think back on my trip, now nearly a week-gone-by, I am still struck by the joy of these folks.  Beyond the poverty, beyond the destruction, beyond the squalor, it is that humble joy in the midst of so little that I believe will stick with me the most.  This is especially true in the church, where the pastors, teachers and people all seem to sense a growing movement of God.   Lord willing, I will be able to return in coming years and see the expansion of this progress of Hope.

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Flying High with Audi at the NAS JAX Air Show – Part 3 [The Panoramas]

Here’s our third and final installment from the air show – our Panoramas.

One of the unique things we provide at the majority of our shoots are ultra-high resolution panoramas.  This is a fun and unique way to capture all the activity in a wide area while maintaining lots of crisp quality, even at very large sizes.  Enjoy!

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Did you know we also offer a wide selection of fine art panoramas?  Today, I’ve selected some of my favorites from the past several years for your enjoyment.  Prints of these photos are available to purchase in a variety of sizes from Deremer Studios Panorama.

I grew up in New Hampshire, so the rugged beauty of the area has always drawn me.  Though it doesn’t have the expanse of beaches, dramatic thunderstorms, or lazy palm trees, the beauty of this region is truly stunning.  From the 400 years of architectural history (including the oldest brick house in New England), to the rolling hills and still mountain lakes, the region is truly stunning.

As a courtesy to our commercial and individual clients, Deremer Studios shoots a selection of our ultra-high resolution panoramas at almost every setting – providing a truly unique perspective on the shoot.  For our wedding clients, we typically shoot 2 to 4 of these panoramas.   Because these images are so large, you can even blow them up to mural size without loss of quality.  In fact, we have a 8ft panorama of downtown Jacksonville hanging right in our office!

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